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Our Approach

We believe that you the client have a unique identity and set of needs, so we strive to create what will best match who you are and what you want to communicate about your product.  We don’t do the same photoshoot twice or reuse the same environment or setting.  We understand that each model of your collection is unique and was designed with a particular purpose in mind. 

This is why we start each project with a conversation (the “discovery period,” as we call it).  We want to get to know you, what makes you tick, what vision you have, and how you want to talk about your brand and watch(es).  During this phase we will ask you questions, a sort of informal interview.   

Then we create a scope of work for the project indicating what kind of shots we will take, in what environment, or what the review will focus on.  Depending on what you hire us to do (to take photos or write a review), we will lay out a plan and timeline before getting started.  The project ends with you getting your edited photos ready to be uploaded and used on your website and social media channels, or a review published on our website. 

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