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Services & Prices

Below you will find the rates for our services.  While our prices are set, we understand that we are living through tough times, so we’re happy to work with you. Just ask us! 

You can hire us to either write a full written review of one watch, which includes five (5) photos taken in our studio and a 1,500-word review , or to write a profile story about your brand and its founders, which includes 5-6 photos provided by you and a 2,000 to 3,000-word article. Both which will be published here on and promoted on our Instagram account. 

Furthermore, you can hire us to photograph your watch and write about it on our Instagram. This package will showcase the watch in lifestyle and macro-style photography, and we will post five (5) times about it within a period of 30 days. The posts will mix technical specifications and small-bite reviews. 

In all of the above scenarios, we will ask that you send us a prototype or production model of your watch so that we can photograph it and write about it knowledgeably. We do not write reviews of/or promote watches we haven't seen "in the metal." 

Please let us know if you have any questions.


P.S.1.  Any paid partnership will be indicated as so on Instagram. 

P.S.2. If your marketing budget is tight, you can also donate the watch to Mainspring in exchange for any of the above packages. Doing so will not influence what we write about the watch. 

Price (in USD)
Profile Story
2,000-3,000-word profile story about your brand and its founders.
Published article on
Instagram Package
Dedicated Instagram posts with in-depth write-ups about your model and your brand
Five (5) posts within a 30-day period.
Full Written Review
1,500-word review and 5 photos.
Published review on
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