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YouTube Channels

Most of my knowledge of watches was built over years of watching hours of videos about them.  There are many YouTube influencers out there who create great content.  I have fine-tuned my selection over the years to finally fine-tune and I wanted to share my favorite YouTube channels with you.  These are my personal choices, and I know yours might be different.  You may discover a channel you didn’t know about before.  If you have any suggestions, please message me on Instagram  I would love to know what you’re watching! 


(This is alphabetical order, not in order of preference.)   And yes, some of these channels are the official channels of online watch magazines and watch retailers.  Great content nevertheless.  

Note: I linked two recent videos of each channel to give you a taste and help you find them on YouTube.  

24Hours at a Time 

Oleg and Mr. Bond produce consistently good videos about a variety of watches.  What I like the most is Oleg’s genuine approach to watches and his objective reviews and their format, looking at both the positives and negatives of each watch and making his personal recommendation at the end. 

Atelier DE GRIFF

High-quality videos superbly produced, this channel looks at many brands and started doing behind-the-scenes which are amazing to look at.  I particularly like the production quality and one can tell a lot of efforts is put making these videos. 

Average Bros

A lot of great content about many watches and other things EDC.  Average Bros goes in-depth in each review and the style is consistent.  I love his casual approach to watch collecting and how eclectic his content is.  

Bark and Jack

Adrian’s unique style, mixing intricate knowledge of the world of horology with a totally casual attitude towards it make watching his videos a pleasure.  Over the years he has gained access to the big names of Swiss and Japanese horology, and I love the fact that this videos are short and easy to digest. 

Beans and Bezels

Good quality videos and a casual style that is addictive.  This channel looks at many and all brands and the content is easy to digest.  What I like the most about this channel is how much I learn from it every time I watch a video. 

Bruce Williams

Bruce’s honest and objective approach to the watch world is a pleasure to witness.  He’s enthusiastic and genuine about his love for horology and it shows.  I really enjoyed his one-brand collection videos and when he take the viewer to an authorized dealer to buy a new watch.  

Crown & Caliber

The team at Crown & Caliber knows how to produce interesting and fun videos about watches.  They constantly create new series and they always go in-depth, whatever the topic is.  Their passion and excitement for watches is palpable and that what keeps me coming back.  


This channel is different from others.   The videos vary between short reviews and 3-hour-long live streams.  Getting the perspective of an industrial designer has changed the way I look at watches.  It’s akin learning to look at a painting for the first time in each video.  

Jenni Elle

Jenni’s content is outstanding and her casual approach to talking about watches from all brands and price ranges is refreshing.  She’s one of the few YouTubers I know to review quirky and unusual watches, which is great because it helps me understand more of what’s out there which I normally don’t see. 

Just One More Watch

One of my favorite channel which touches upon all things affordable and sometimes not, from Chinese microbrands to more established Swiss or Japenese brands.  Jodi is very consistent in his presentations and his light-hearted sense of humor and approach to watches is refreshing and addictive.  It’s one of my go-to YouTube channel.  

Just the Watch

Dave is another person who mostly talks about affordable watches and does it well.  He looks at many brands and many models, expanding viewers’ knowledge base about affordable horology.  I particularly like his genuine passion and down-to-earth style. 

Random Rob

Rob’s consistency is what makes me devour everyone of his videos.  His videos are generally under 10 minutes, about any and all watches, and I particularly am attracted to his genuine passion for horology.  He knows a lot and has eclectic tastes, a winning combination for me. 

Teddy Baldassare

In my opinion, Teddy creates some of the best content out there.   His in-depths reviews and format are just amazing to watch, something I always look forward to when going on YouTube.  I particularly enjoy watching his behind-the-scenes videos at watch and strap manufactures.   

Watch Collecting Strategy

Gabe’s short and high-quality videos are the perfect length and share the perfect amount of information.  His unique relationship with brands allow us, the viewers, to get early information about new releases.  Just check it out for the quality of the  photography and videography.  

Watchfinder & Co

One of my go-to channel, Watchfinder & Co’s presenter is perfect.  His knowledge of horology, accompanied by his unique wit and style, make watching his videos something of a routine for me.   I sometimes grab a bag of popcorn before pressing Play. 

Watch Clicker

Short-bite, high-quality videos.  One of my favorite channel.  Just got check it out. 

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