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Vincent Deschamps 

Originally from France, Vincent is a museum professional with more than 10 years experience working as a researcher and producing visitor experiences for national and international organizations.  He specializes in project management, operations, and analytics.  His passion for horology started in 2014 with a search for the “perfect” watch that he wanted to use on a 16-month trip around the world.

it is at this moment that Vincent started voraciously consuming articles and videos about watches to expand his knowledge of brands, their collections, the history of horology and the mechanics hidden (for the most part) behind a caseback.  After studying the popular names of the Swiss watch industry, he discovered the deep and varied world of micro brands and became fascinated by it.   

In early 2020, Vincent started photographing his very small watch collection—mostly microbrands—for Instagram.  Over a period of a few months, he realized that the way he was photographing his watches and talking about them resonated with people.  From there, he started collaborating with watch brands to photograph their watches for his Instagram account and eventually decided to make it into a career.  


That's how Mainspring Watch Magazine was created to offer watch photography and review services, articles about watchmakers and influencers, and free resources on horology.  

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