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Circula DiveSport Titanium

500m of Water Resistance Encased in Titanium

Behold, your favorite rambling watch reviewer is back! Back to let you know that it is indeed nice to come across brands that create new designs. And it’s even better when such is the case for the most popular type of watches that exist: the ubiquitous diver. Not everything that we will be looking at today will be unique per say, however it is the way the brand assembled various design elements together and how it manufactured and finished the whole thing that truly stands out to me. In many ways, this model is much better made and constitutes a higher value than many iconic and luxurious under-water timekeeping devices. (Granted, I’m formulating a subjective opinion here which you may or may not agree with. But I know you will.) 

So, what are we looking at today? The latest release from the German brand Circula, the DiveSport Titanium that comes with no less than 500 meters of water resistance, a full titanium case, bezel, and bracelet, and four dial and three bezel colors to choose from. If the dimensions of this beast don’t bother you (see below,) then you ought to find the right color combination to fit your personal preferences. My choice was the gray variant with the matching gray hardened titanium bezel insert. Look at how visually delightful this color combination is—and it gets even better once you add the titanium bracelet. My friends, I’m in horological heaven.



In general, when the words “500M/1640FT” are printed below the pinion on a dial, you would expect a larger watch. And you would be right to think so here as the DiveSport Titanium measures 42mm in diameter, 48.5mm lug-to-lug, 14.1mm thick (including the crystal) and that it comes with a 20mm lug width. However, being fully made of titanium and having a flat case-back, the DiveSport is easy to wear on moderately-sized wrists like mine (6.50”/16.5cm.) On the bracelet and sized to my bag of flesh and bone, the whole package weights under 140g which is quite alright for me. So again: 500 meters of water resistance in a 14.1mm thick case with a 20mm lug width—great dimensions for such a capable tool watch. 

Being made for underwater exploration and adventures, the Circular DiveSport Titanium obviously comes with a dive-time bezel. The latter has 120 crisp clicks and is fully made of Grade 2 titanium complete with a surface coating. (More on that later.) Though it should be noted that the Petrol (blue) bezel insert is made of aluminum while the black one is also made of titanium. (I really think I got the best combination Circular offers.) And the German brand is one that does not ration lume: we find a superb application of C3 X1 SuperLuminova on all markers and, by the way, on the plongeur-style minute hand as well. 

When it comes to what beats inside this titanium monster, we find an élaboré Sellita SW200-1 caliber which beats at 28,800 BPH (4Hz) and has 41 hours of power reserve. The Sellita is regulated where the watches are assembled, in Pforzheim, to -5/+7 seconds per day. Which means you find yourself with a solid and reliable movement encased in a lightweight and durable titanium body. Indeed, the entire case, the bezel, and the bezel insert (as we already know) are treated with a hardness coating bringing the package’s scratch resistance to a whopping 1,200 Hv on the Vicker’s hardening scale. (That’s eight times stronger than naked titanium.) 

The case is not the only piece of the Circula DiveSport to be made of a robust material. Indeed, the crystal is a slightly curved, double-domed piece of sapphire complete with anti-reflective coating. Just from a specifications perspective, you can already and easily tell that Circula did not cut any corners when it comes to components and quality. 


There is much to talk about when talking about the dial as well. (Did anyone get the Raymond Carver reference?) First off, I love plongeur-style hands where we find an atrophied, custom-made, and brushed hour hand and a massive orange minute hand. Both filled to the brim with lume. “Plongeur” means “Diver” in French and they are so named because the emphasis is put on being able to easily track elapsed minutes while diving. Hence why the minute hand is so large so that matching it to the markings on the bezel insert is something of a second nature. Furthermore, the hour hand and applied hour markers glow blue (BGW9) while the minute and seconds hand, as well as the bezel markings, glow green (C3 X1.) 

Imagine the madness the watchmaker must feel when assembling these watches! 

The gray variant of the DiveSport Titanium comes with a matte and textured dial where the center portion is delineated by an (almost) fully engraved circle above which the hour hand floats. All hour markers are hand applied and stand out thanks to having gunmetal surrounds which match the color of the hour hand. (A neat detail which shows, once again, that Circula does not cut any corners.) The hour markers at the cardinal points are in the shape of batons (doubled at the twelve) and are recessed within the angled rehaut on which is printed the minute track in orange and black. I particularly love the orange accents on the rehaut and minute hand. 

A discreet date window is located at the six o’clock and was designed in such a way that there is a proper lumed hour marker beneath it. (To ensure that the whole dial is legible in low-lit conditions.) Of note also is the color-matched date disc and the black printed date numerals for ultimate legibility. 

The Heart of the Matter

At the heart of the matter here is the fact that Circula created a gorgeous, capable, and comfortable deep diver. (I say “deep” because recreational—read: non professional—divers can only dive to a maximum depth of 40 meters and most pros don’t go deeper than 200.) That’s a huge feat to realize for what is arguably a reasonable price: about $1,164 USD on the titanium bracelet and $967 USD on the fitted and custom-made rubber strap. I know you noticed that I have yet to mention the bracelet and the strap which I will do in about 5 seconds. Regarding the price tag, I would once again emphasize the following: a great and fresh design, outstanding specs, and even better finish for south of $1,200 USD is really, really good. 

When one purchases the Circula DiveSport Titanium one can choose between a fitted rubber strap or a full titanium bracelet. The strap is glorious, thick, and perfectly espouses the geometric angles and futuristic design of the case. (The latter I failed to mention as well.) The bracelet comes with female end-links, screwed links, and a double-pusher deployant clasp complete with three holes of micro-adjustments. I know three doesn’t sound like many but it’s ok because the removable links are short. I really like how the bracelet matches the case, the latter which I know I didn’t mention because, frankly, there is too much to talk about here.

If my memory serves me well, for a watch to be sold as being “Made in Germany'' it means that most of what goes into making it is manufactured in Germany. Since, a while back, I wrote a profile story on Circula, I can attest to the fact that most of their watches are made in or around Pforzheim, where the brand is headquartered. And one can experience the legendary quality of german-made products when handling the DiveSport Titanium and, in particular, when looking at the sublime finish of the dial and hands. (And, I would add, that Circula did a good job with the titanium bezel as those tend to have a bland clicky action.) 


If you are in the market for a 500-meter diver—for whatever reason that may be—then I highly suggest taking a look at Circula’s DiveSport Titanium. I also recommend taking a look at the brand’s entire catalog which is filled to the brim with well-made, utilitarian, and legible tool watches from divers and GMTs to field and exploration watches. For a little or around $1,000 USD, I would be hard pressed to find another diver made in the European Union that comes with such good specs and which is so well made for less or about the same price. (Or if it does match in price, it certainly wouldn’t match in terms of design.) But that is just my humble opinion, of course. 

If you like what you saw today, I recommend checking this link to learn more about the DiverSport Titanium and why not click here too to discover the brand’s full catalog

Thanks for reading.  


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